Another Awesome Special Event : The Prodigals presents Claddagh

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Everyone!

The weather might have been rainy, but we had such a wonderful night with The Prodigals!  The band was absolutely invigorating and pumped the audience up with their beautiful voices and various instrumental skills. Let’s not forget to mention the extraordinary dancers! Their legs were moving so fast and effortlessly, it looked as if they were floating!

It is safe to say the combination of dancing and Celtic music was beyond moving. My favorite song in the first half of the show was “Rattlin’ Bog.” After every verse the song got faster and faster. The dancers danced faster and faster! I could barely keep up. In the second half they preformed “Danny Boy.” You could hear a pin drop in the theater. It was magnificent.

Engeman and The Prodigals
Owner, Kevin J. ONeill and Director of Operations, Michael DeCristofaro, take the opportunity to take a photo with The Prodigals.

After the show I was lucky enough to meet all of the band members and the dancers. They each had such wonderful stories about their journey and were so please to preform on the Engeman Theater Stage. It was such an honor to have them and we hope everyone enjoyed them as much as I did.

Jackie Polden and The Prodigals
Me with Gregory Grene, Dave Fahy, and Brendan Smith!


Fingers crossed they will join us again for next Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend!

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