Saturday Night Fever Benefit Performance

July 23, 2019

In honor of the 125th Anniversary of the incorporation of the Village of Northport, we will donate 100% of ticket proceeds to the village to promote clean waterways through the procurement of an Oyster/Clam Flupsy in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Marine Program.

The F.L.U.P.S.Y. or Floating Upwell System is a shellfish growing machine. Typically built like a rectangular floating dock, the FLUPSY is able to grow up to 500,000 oysters in season by holding large amounts of shellfish in square containers suspended off the harbor bottom. Once the oysters grow to one and one-half inches they will be seeded throughout Northport Harbor.


  • Oysters act as filtering agents
  • 1 oyster can filter 50 gallons of water a day!
  • They eat algae in the water

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